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Hello,i am Piyush Pandey. I have good knowledge in SMO | SEO | SMM | PPC, Web Development, App Development and Software Development. We have more than 50 happy clients. I have a good and experienced team for IT Work. Call us to hire +91-6263844081

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i am a expert in Digital Marketing and Photography also.

Facebook Advert 95%
Social Media Marketing 90%%
Web Development 85%
Graphic Design 99%


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Facebook Advert

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what looks attracting attracts more things towards it, we provide the best graphic designs.

Google Adword

Connect with product enthusiasts, experts and solutions to your advertising questions. Google AdWords. Manage, target, and grow your campaigns.

Web Development

Web development is the work involved in developing a Web site for the Internet or an intranet.


SMO is must to maintain your repo in the society. everything needs to be posted on time and so u need a SMO expert like us.

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  • How to Promote Business with Digital Marketing | Digitalpiyushpandey

    How to Promote Business with Digital Marketing

    My Self Digitalpiyushpandey. I Live for Web Presence. I always provide best seo services to small business.I am passionate about establishing an online presence that clients are proud of and that ultimately delivers them the best possible ROI on their SEO SMO SMM spend. Best SMO SEO Expert passionate about digital marketing as I love its measurable nature, its ever-changing offering and most of all, it is scope to target exactly who, when and where a business needs, at any given time, with little to no wastage. I would love to be considered for any position that requires this kind of assistance. Digital piyush pandey specialise in establishing a professional influential engaging and cost-efficient digital social marketing and Facebook ads or google ads presence for businesses. I have successfully developed and executed a powerful and highly effective digital media and social media strategy for a broad range of all type of industries including small business. As a Digital marketing Expert Tokyo i will always give my best in order to get good Ranking in local as well as global market.Fashion Beauty, Health, Food, Travel, Finance, Manufacturing, advisory Services. Digitalpiyushpandey is best for Website Design & Development projects, SEO projects, eCommerce SEO, Local SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Business, Social Media Campaign Management & Marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, GooglePlus platforms. 
    My core skills and experience;
    - Establish and maintain an online presence that represents brands with professionalism, credibility, accessibility and consistency
    - Work closely with clients to tailor a content strategy that is highly relevant to their target market
    - Optimise organic search engine positioning for maximum relevant website traffic and increased conversions
    - Manage Facebook ads campaigns to optimise potential for website visits from highly relevant, bottom of the funnel potential customers
    - Manage & create engaging display advertising campaigns (banners) using customer behaviour insights to drive relevant website traffic
    - Given Good SERP in just 3 Months for more then 15 website as an SEO Expert in Canada
    - Develop tailored digital marketing strategies to maximise reach & engagement within a target market in the most relevant, engaging and cost effective way across a diverse platform mix
    - Establish and maintain an online presence that represents brands with professionalism, credibility, accessibility and consistency
    - Design & graphically produce professional, relevant, engaging and visually captivating content
    - Achieve cut through within a client’s category/industry to maximise SOV and establish a sense of leadership
    - Capture, assess and analyse data and analytics of all online platforms, utilise key information and behavioural insights to maximise efficiency and ROI of advertising campaigns
    - Monitor and identify effective customer acquisition trends, behaviors and purchasing patterns and utilise data-led insights to consistently deliver an optimal CPA
    - Achieve optimal reach across organic and paid social media and other online efforts
    - Recommend and manage client advertising budgets and revenue targets
    - Provide detailed reporting and insights to clients about the results of all online efforts, and the key customer behavioural leanings discovered via assessing data, analytics and ROI
    - Devise & implement competitions/promotions across online channels with the goal of collecting data, increasing following and engagement and driving website traffic
    - Utilise blogging as an engaging and effective generator of website traffic meanwhile establishing credibility, influence and brand awareness within relevant areas and topics
    - Implement customer communication triggers based on user behaviors and actions throughout their path to purchase; upsell, abandoned cart recovery and lapsed customers
    - Design and develop and/or oversee development of professional, effective, user friendly, highly functional and responsive e-commerce websites
    - Assess & monitor data insights relating to user experience, perform regular A/B testing in order to maintain optimal UX (design, navigation, imagery, ease of information access, social integration and SEO)

    I specialise in creating content that is professional, visually appealing, modern, clear and concise, and fast. This includes redesigning presentations.

    Direct Call +916263844081

  • How To Get More Instagram Followers | DigitalPiyushPandey

    How To Get More Instagram Followers

    How To Get More Instagram Followers,digitalpiyushpandey

    Online networking has dependably been my forte. Since 2011, I had increased more than three million supporters on Twitter, more than 120,000 on Facebook, and around one million on Snap chat (before those mongrels suspended my record for reasons unknown). Fundamentally, I've been in the diversion sufficiently long and have flopped enough circumstances to know which online networking systems really work and which ones you shouldn't squander your opportunity on.

    Be that as it may, Instagram has constantly represented a test for me. I began a themed account on Twitter that accumulated around 300,000 devotees in two years. In that same time, a similar record on Instagram increased around 7,000. I knew Instagram was the stage I should have been in to begin my travel blog, so I explored different avenues regarding an assortment of things, tweaking anything from my profile to profile picture to even my username. I've thought of a rundown of things that you can do to emerge from different records and win the much-wanted take after from your objective statistic.

    Let’s start with setting your Instagram profile up for success.

    To start with, you require an infectious profile picture that is both outwardly engaging and distinct. My present one for @digital_piyush_pandey is me drinking a brew at the highest point of Germany's tallest mountain. I am amidst a snow squall, so it isn't the most outwardly engaging picture, yet it clarifies my identity, coordinates my username, and tells you what's in store from tailing me. Different pictures that tend to get my attention would be splendid hues, similar to precious stone blue waters on a shoreline. To me, that radiates a tropical vibe that shouts and fun in the sun. Despite your speciality, your profile picture ought to be something that matches your topic. Regardless of how dope you look in your last selfie, you may need to forfeit it for a shot on the shoreline or over a mountain. 

    Your username is presumably the most vital thing beside the real pictures you post. It characterises your identity and what you will post. I began attempting to develop my page simply utilising my name. Initially, I was yoitseli which was creditworthy and said nothing in regards to my Instagram page. When you see a notice that says yoitseli preferred your photograph, you will disregard it. I changed that to "digital_piyush_pandey" which I saw more accomplishment with. It is more speciality, clear, and consideration getting. In the long run that name advanced further to "digital_piyush_pandey" to extend my speciality (and furthermore not appear like such a douche). I felt the name envelops having a wide range of fun, not simply drinking unnecessarily. That better depicted my identity, while additionally cutting its own speciality in the over saturated universe of travel web journals.

    Gaining Followers

    Approve, now you have a profile that can't be beat, however how would you motivate individuals to come take a gander at it? 

    Begin off by enlightening your loved ones concerning your new pursuit. Try not to feel like you're irritating them by inquiring. Most dire outcome imaginable, they don't tail you and you're screwed over thanks to an indistinguishable measure of devotees from in the event that you didn't ask (really, most dire outcome imaginable, your companions are mocking douches who remark mean things on the greater part of your photos). 

    Alright, unless you are absurdly mainstream, that ought to get you just around 200-300 devotees greatest, yet it sets a strong establishment. You wouldn't envision how vital those 300 real supporters are to potential devotees. Individuals will probably tail somebody who as of now has a nice measure of adherents, in light of the fact that hello, if many individuals are tailing them, they should post beneficial substance, isn't that so? In the event that you begin the following couple of ventures at 0 devotees, your triumph to wind up plainly a Z-List Insta celebrity has just fizzled. 

    Incredible, you have two or three hundred adherents. How would you take this to the moon? I prefer not to reveal to you this yet nothing comes simple. Prepare your fingers extended and for a considerable length of time and hours of cooperating with individuals on Instagram. This implies loving and remarking on many pictures every day, and most likely after a significant number individuals. It sounds somewhat like utilising a shotgun as an expert marksman rifle however in the event that you're keen about it, it won't be. 

    When you like pictures, similar to pictures from littler, individual records as opposed to officially vast travel pages. These individuals will probably really check their warnings and when they do, they'll see *catchy username with magnificent profile picture*. Will this work with everybody? Nope, however in the event that you get even a 5% achievement rate from this present, that is 25 devotees for each day in the event that you like 500 pictures. With a snappy username and picture, 5% can undoubtedly be 25%. On the off chance that you approach this deliberately, your odds of increasing an ever increasing number of supporters simply continue expanding. Look through hashtags and pick ones that identify with your topic and afterwards simply go on an enjoying binge. We've all played Flippy Bird or Doodle jump some time recently, aside from this time, when you're tapping endlessly at your telephone screen, you're really receiving something in return. You don't have to take a gander at the photos you're loving. Parchment, twofold tap, rehash. 

    Remarking on pictures is somewhat trickier. Some time recently, I would state don't considerably try doing this by any stretch of the imagination. Mass-remarking is substantially more tedious than mass-preferring, and contrasts in returns were difficult to evaluate. However now, with Instagram's new calculation, the diversion has been changed. I wouldn't significantly try remarking on anything posted by enormous records since it would just get covered when another person remarked seconds after the fact. 

    Presently, Instagram appears to indicate remarks from individuals you as of now take after, remarks with a considerable measure of preferences, or remarks just from huge records. In case you're simply beginning, remarking on pictures from huge travel pages can convey thoughtfulness regarding your page. Once more, an infectious username could be everything here, else I would state don't considerably trouble.

    Remarking on littler records or individual records is an alternate diversion. Mass-remarking is as yet a no from me, yet picking and picking shrewdly can truly enable you to out. It likewise doesn't hurt to influence companions en route and I to at present converse with a great deal of the general population I initially began associating with on Instagram. I addressed individuals like digital_piyush_pandey when they were considerably littler, and I saw how they really connected with their adherents and bigger records. On the off chance that you make it fun and show honest to goodness enthusiasm, remarking on bunches of pictures will be justified regardless of your chance. 

    Indeed, even as a greater record, regardless I get couple of enough remarks that I can read every one of them and answer to every one of them, and believe me, I observe the reliable analysts and tail them back. Be industrious, yet not irritating. Remarking "amazing" or "extraordinary" on several photos is additional tedious and less effective than giving a brisk one-sentence tale or story identified with a photo somebody posted. For instance, remarking "amazing" on my photo of Peru will maybe inspire me to like your remark, yet saying something along the lines of "this looks unimaginable! I wish I went there amid my semester abroad there" will inspire me to look at your profile and take a gander at your photos in any event. 

    In conclusion, mass-after. This is unquestionably not for everyone, but rather it gets comes about speedier than preferring and remarking. It doesn't look great to take after 7500 individuals, however in the event that that is the thing that it takes to get your initial 3000 adherents, at that point do it. Similar tenets apply to when you're enjoying individuals' photos. Take after generally littler records since they'll be the ones who really check their warnings. 

    Trust it or not, having a great deal of devotees via web-based networking media opens up a considerable measure of chances past only a personality help. Having worked in web-based social networking development and adaptation since I was 17, I've seen and helped many individuals wind up plainly moguls through web-based social networking. The main reason I'm ready to venture to the far corners of the planet while I work is a result of online networking, so I can confirm its developing nearness and significance universally. It is setting down deep roots, and insofar as there are items and organizations to advance (which will be for whatever remains of endlessness), there will be open doors for you to utilize your vast online networking following as your profession. It took me over a year to get my initial 5,000 supporters via web-based networking media, and now I have more than three million over all stages. It will be troublesome at to begin with, yet once you begin hitting those turning points, development begins to come more normally.
  • How to rank new website quickly | DigitalPiyushPandey

                          How to rank new website quickly

    How to rank new website quickly, digitalpiyushpandey

    ON-Page SEO
    On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual pages in order to obtain a higher ranking and earn more relevant organic traffic. In this piece, you will find different tips about On-page SEO:

    1. Start title tags with your target keyword:
    You company/product may be right up on the Google search results page with the appropriate keyword, channeling a huge amount of traffic to your website. On the contrary, a misadvised or inappropriate keyword can make your site’s chance towards prominence more remote than ever.The title of the article defines its content, and as such, a keyword rich title holds greater weight with Google. In general, the closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title tag, the more weight it has with search engines. You can see this in action by searching for the competitive keyword in Google.As you can see, most pages that rank for competitive keywords strategically place them at the beginning of their title tags. Although not mandatory, it’s prudent to do so as it will make your website more relevant to what people search for.

    2. Drop Keyword in first 100 words:

    The ideal place to start putting keywords in an article is within the first 100 words. There are many to whom these come naturally, but a large number of bloggers prefer a long intro before bothering with a keyword. This is inadvisable because of the obvious reasons that Google wouldn’t find it very relevant in the search results. A keyword “content marketing” was used at the very beginning of the article. Placing a keyword near the beginning of the article ensures that Google has an easier time in understanding the topic and relevance of the article.

    3. Use Outbound Links:
    Outbound links are the primary source of bringing more attention to your website. There are a lot of people who make the mistake of not including links to other websites/articles.Outbound links show Google that the article is both valid and informative and both are vital requisites for ranking. Therefore, make sure that if you aren’t doing so, add outbound links to each of your articles. Just make sure that the links are relevant enough to your content and from authentic and high-quality sources.

    4. Write click-worthy meta descriptions for each page:

    Meta descriptions are one of the most important and visible elements – next to your title tag and URL- that convince people to click through.If you want traffic on your latest article and efficiently on your website, make sure that the meta descriptions are attractive and informative. They should arouse the viewer’s curiosity within the 150-word limit.

    5. Put your target keyword in the URL:
    As keywords are essentially the backbone of on-page SEO, you need to pay a lot of attention to them. There is no reason not to include them in your URLs.  The inclusion has its benefits. When you assimilate the targeted keyword into the URL, you are ensuring that Google’s has another reason and way to consider your article as more relevant for a particular phrase.

    6. Add keywords to your post strategically:
    Strategical keyword placement is critical to a post’s success and net traffic on a website. As search engines continually become more refined, it is not enough just to randomly stuff articles with keywords and hope for relevance in the search results.Please look how the Content Marketing Institute has optimized one of their blog posts with a relevant keyword – content marketing.

    7. Post Long Content:
    Studies have shown that longer content helps to improve ranking on Google. A target of around 2000 words should be set in every article with a minimum of 1000 words at least. This would inevitably result in long-tail traffic which would boost your site’s exposure.Longer content not only helps in adding more keywords to it, but there is also a natural emphasis on information. The authenticity of a post increases with longer text, which means that Google would recognize it as something more relevant than a shorter and concise text. As search patterns are synonymous with long tail keywords nowadays, a longer text also improves the chances of your article/website to be on a higher ranking than others.The authenticity of a post increases with longer text, which means that Google would recognize it as something more relevant than a shorter and concise text. As search patterns are synonymous with long tail keywords nowadays, a longer text also improves the chances of your article/website to be on a higher ranking than others.While writing an article that you want to grasp people’s attention with, you must remember to research well before writing the first word. Make sure that all the relevant information is available to you before you start. Good research results in flair, which results in long and comprehensive writing.Additionally, grammar should be impeccable. Articles riddled with errors indicate incompetence and carelessness.The perfect piece is both elaborate and grammatically accurate.

    8. Take Advantage of Internal Linking:
    Internal linking is critical to decreasing a website’s bounce rate and optimization as it links to the different pages of a domain together. When link juice is spread, the users/viewers stay on the website longer and the site traffic also increases.It improves the navigational experience for the user.Not to mention that it will also contribute to decreasing the bounce rate of your website.Bounce rate is measured by how many users visit only one page and then leave the entrance page. Easy and accessible internal linking will naturally decrease this as users will be directed to other relevant articles.
    Also, Google bots are designed to emulate user behavioral patterns and evaluate your website. A smart and efficient network of links on the pages help crawlers find regions which are not frequently visited by the users, thus boosting your site’s ranking.


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